Upstream Team








Elizabeth Ablah


Affiliation: University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita

Expertise: Worksite wellness, physical inactivity, access to healthy foods, environment, policy







Jean Adams


Affiliation: Centre for Diet and Activity Research, MRC Epidemiology Unit, University of Cambridge

Expertise: Dietary public health







Mariane de Almeida Alves


Affiliation: Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Expertise: Nutrition, obesity, built environment







Klaus Alberto


Affiliation: Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Expertise: Urban planning, urban design, urban health







H. Al-Hazzaa


Affiliation: King Saud University, Saudi-Arabia

Expertise: Physical activity & cardiometablic health, determinants of physical activity, childhood obesity, energy expenditure







Youness El Achhab


Affiliation: Epidemiology lab. Faculty of medicine of Fez. Morocco CRMEF-TAZA

Expertise: T2D, health promotion, adolescent health







Deepti Adlakha


Affiliation: Queens University-Belfast







Saeideh Aminian


Affiliation: University of Alberta

Expertise: Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour, Public Health







Felix Assah


Affiliation: Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences University of Yaoundé, Cameroon

Expertise: Non-communicable diseases, physical activity, diet, lifestyle, epidemiology

Nizar Abdul Majeed Kutty 


Affiliation: Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia


Expertise: PA and cognition




Mikiko Albiero



Western Sydney University



Built environment and public health

Nada Albwardi



King saud bin Abdulaziz




PA, SB,    public health









Maria Joao Almeida


Affiliation: University of Coimbra

Expertise: Physical activity and health, determinants of physical activity, physical fitness, promotion of healthy behaviors







Kweku Amankwah


Affiliation: Global Green Environmental Network

Expertise: Environmental Research and policy formulation



Affiliation: Centre for Health Promotion Research, Leeds Beckett University

Expertise: Health inequalities, health promotion, evidence synthesis







Fátima Baptista


Affiliation: Exercise and Health Lab, Faculty of Human Kinetics, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Expertise: Physical activity, physical excercise, body composition, bone fracture, women, aging, falls, frality, osteoporosis







 Frank van Berkum


Affiliation: Zgt hospital

Expertise: Diabetes, bariatric surgery, obesity







Cindy Bethlehem


Affiliation: Hanze Hogeschool, Groningen







Joline Beulens


Affiliation: EMGO+, VUmc Unversity medical Center, Amsterdam

Expertise: Nutrition, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, epidemiology







Ilse de Bourdeaudhuij


AffiliationDepartment of Movement and Sports Sciences, Ghent University







Lex Bouter


Affiliation VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam







Angelina Brotherhood


Affiliation Department for Sociology, University of Vienna

Expertise: Drugs, prevention







Marco te Brömmelstroet


Affiliation Urban Cycling Institute, University of Amsterdam







Gert-Jan de Bruijn


Affiliation University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

Expertise Persuasive communication







Angélica Bonilla


Affiliation  University of Alcala

Expertise Preventive Medicine & Public Health. Cardiovascular Risk. Social inequalities. Immigration.







Ilianne Boumans


Affiliation: Radboud University, Nijmegen


Sedentary behaviour, sportpsychology, physical activity







Helga Bardos


Affiliation: Faculty of Public Health, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Expertise: obesity, public health nutrition, physical activity







Julianne van der Berg


Affiliation: Maastricht University/Radboud UMC








Kathryn Backholer


Affiliation: Deakin University








Kirsten Berk


Affiliation: Department of Internal Medicine, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

Expertise: Diabetes mellitus type 2, obesity, nutrition, weight loss







Kylie Ball


Affiliation: Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), Deakin University, Melbourne

Expertise: Physical activity, eating behaviours, obesity prevention, socioeconomic inequities







Mariëlle Beenackers


Affiliation: Erasmus MC, department of Public Health







Nina Berentzen


Affiliation: Netherlands Cancer Institute

Expertise: Obesity, lifestyle behaviours, early life factors, reproductive factors







Ricky Bell


Affiliation: University of Otago

Expertise: Obesity, indigenous, NCDs, physical activity, physiotherapy







Jack Benton


Affiliation: University of Manchester








Claire Boulange


Affiliation: RMIT Australia


Expertise: Urban informatics







Christoph Buck


Affiliation: Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology

Expertise: Spatial Statistics, Spatial Energetics







Elodie Besnier


Affiliation: Public Health Wales







Jizzo Bosdriesz


Affiliation: VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam


Socio-economic inequalities







Jennifer Bursey


Affiliation: Dalhousie university

Expertise: Dietary intervention, physical activity, dterminants of health, physiotherapy








Greet Cardon


AffiliationDepartment of Movement and Sports Sciences, Ghent University







Sofie Compernolle


Affiliation: Ghent University

Expertise:  Environment and sedentary behaviour







Jeniffer Coffeng


Affiliation: VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam

Expertise: physical activity, sedentary behaviour







Elizabeth Corrêa


Affiliation: Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Expertise: Food environment, obesity, children







Eva Corpeleijn


AffiliationDepartment of Epidemiology, UMCG

Expertise: Diabetes, obesity, glucose metabolism, diet, activity trackers, patients, children







Harriette Carr


Affiliation: New Zealand Ministry of Health

Expertise:  Public Health, physical activity, obesity, policy







Louise Codling


Affiliation: WCRF International

Expertise: Nutrition, food policy, overweight, obesity, policy, advocacy







Rik Crutzen


Affiliation: Maastricht University







Rachel Carter


AffiliationStudent at Griffith University

Expertise: Behaviour exchange (Marketing)







Eric Chan


Affiliation: University of Oxford

Expertise:  Built environment, sustainable transport







Daniel Cauchi


Affiliation: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Expertise:  Obesity; NCDs; Obesogenic environments







Jelle Cauwenberg


Affiliation: Department of Public Health, Ghent University

Expertise: Environment, physical activity, sedentary behavior, older adults






Jim Chapman


AffiliationUrban Design 4 Health

Expertise: Built environment, travel behavior, health outcomes, physical activity, environmental impact, monetization of health condition







Xiaorong Chen


Affiliation: National Center for Chronic and Noncommunicable Disease Control and Prevenion, China CDC

Expertise:  Physical activity







Lars B. Christiansen


Affiliation: Active Living Research Unit, University of Southern Denmark

Expertise:  active living, active transport







Anna Clark


Affiliation: Trivector Traffic

Expertise: Transport active mobility





Graciela Caire-Juvera


AffiliationCentro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo (Research Center for Food and Development)

Expertise: Cancer risk, diet, physical activity, biomarkers of risk





Vince Catteruccia



Expertise:  Clinical musculoskeletal rehab / Behavior






Megan Czerwinski


Affiliation: University of Michigan









Jasper Dekkers


Affiliation Dept. of Spatial Economics - SPINlab, VU Amsterdam







Delfien Van Dyck


Affiliation: Department of Movement and Sports Sciences, Ghent University







 Ciaran Mac Donncha


Affiliation: University of Limerick, Ireland

Expertise: Determinants of physical activity behaviours







Joop ten Dam 

Affiliation: Lector De Gezonde Stad, hogeschool Windesheim

Expertise: Health, inequalities, physical environment







Ineke Deelen


Affiliation: Human Geography and Planning, Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University

Expertise: Sports participation, accessibility of sports facilities, neighbourhood context, motivation, adherence







Benedicte Deforche


Affiliation: Research Unit Health Promotion Department of Public Health Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Ghent University







Coosje Dijkstra


Affiliation: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam & Sarphati Amsterdam

Expertise: Socioeconmic inequalities, nutrition, youth







Mariane de Almeida Alves


Affiliation: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil

Expertise: Environment, built environment, obesity







Young Kyung Do


Affiliation: Seoul National University College of Medicine








Mariana Dyakova


Affiliation: Public Health Wales

Expertise: Sustainable development, cardiovascular disease, public health policy, health promotion, multimorbidity, public health communication, digital media







Marieke De Craemer


Affiliation: Ghent University

Expertise: Physical activity, sedentary behaviour








Lisa Edelson


Affiliation Nestlé Research Center

Expertise: children, eating behavior, parenting, sedentary behavior







Anne Ellaway

Affiliation: MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow

Expertise: Exercise Therapy







Etto Eringa

Affiliation: VU University Medical Centre

Expertise: Obesity, exercise, cardiovascular disease







Dale Esliger

Affiliation: Loughborough University; National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine

Expertise: Physical activity and sedentary behavior measurment, sensors, wearables, quantified self, lifestyle, chronic disease







Evi van Ekris


Affiliation EMGO+ institute, VU University Medical Center

Expertise: Sedentary behaviour








Marcy Eskra

Expertise: Exercise Therapy








David Foxcroft


Affiliation: Oxford Brookes University

Expertise: Prevention, Behavioural Health








Saskia Boonzajer Flaes


Affiliation: EMGO+, VUmc Amsterdam

Expertise: Physical activity, deprived neighbourhoods, environment








Rogério Fermino


Affiliation: Federal University of Technology - Paraná (UTFPR), Brazil

Expertise: Built environment, perceived environment, park use, physical activity, health promotion







Anna Flego


Affiliation: Movember Foundation

Expertise: Health economics, obesity prevention, physical inactivity, men's health






Alberto Pregonero Flórez


Affiliation: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá, Colombia

Expertise: Measurement, determinants, correlates of Sedentary Behaviors and Physical activity







Louise Foley


Affiliation: University of Cambridge

Expertise: Natural experiements






Cindy Forbes


Affiliation: Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia, Canada

Expertise: Physical activity, cancer survivors









Eco de Geus


Affiliation: Behavioral and Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit

Expertise: genetic epidemiology, sports and exercise sciences, ambulatory assessment








Anouk Geelen


Affiliation: Wageningen University, Division of Human Nutrition

Expertise: Dietary intake assessment, innovative technologies








Bas de Geus


Affiliation: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Expertise: Commuter cycling & health








Johan de Graaf


Affiliation: Ministry of Defense

Expertise: Public health, healt promotion, adaptability








Klaus Gebel


Affiliation: James Cook University

Expertise: Built environments and physical activity; physical activity and health; systematic reviews








Peter Groenewegen


Affiliation: NIVEL and Utrecht University

Expertise: Environment and health








Ricardo Gonçalves


Affiliation: Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes - ISMAT, Portugal.

Expertise: Sedentary behavior, Physical Activity, Priming








Dirk Gansefort


Affiliation: Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research and Epidemiology - BIPS

Expertise:  gender/SES senstive PA interventions, older adults PA, community-based PA intervention, community readiness






Carol Garber


Affiliation: Columbia University

Expertise: Exercise, Chronic Diseases, Aging, Children







Mekdes Gebremariam


Affiliation: University of Oslo

Expertise: Dietary behavior, sedentary behavior, physical activity, correlates, causal inference







Jessica Gubbels 

Affiliation: Maastricht University

Expertise: Ecological systems views







Azucena Guzman


Affiliation: University of Edinburgh

Expertise:  Dementia, Behaviour Change, Clinical Psychology







Claire Griffiths


Affiliation: Leeds Beckett University

Expertise:  Obesity, physical activity, diet, inequalities







Jennifer Gray


Affiliation: Public health









Evelien Hart


Affiliation VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam







Johan de Jong


Affiliation: Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen







Trynke Hoekstra


Affiliation VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam







Katja van den Hurk


Affiliation: Sanquin Research, Department of Donor Studies







 Annemien Haveman


Affiliation: Wageningen University

Expertise: public health, healthy ageing, dietary patterns, lifestyle







Erica Hinckson


Affiliation: Auckland University of Technology

Expertise: Physical Activity, Built Environment, Sedentary Behaviour







Matthew Hobbs


Affiliation: Leeds Trinity University

Expertise: Methods, food and physical activity environment, obesity and physical activity







Marieke Hoevenaar-Blom


Affiliation: Academic Medical Center Amsterdam

Expertise: Epidemiology, sleep, diet, vitamin D, CVD and dementia







Janneke Harting

Affiliation: AMC UvA Public Health

Expertise: Health Promotion, Integrated Public Health Policy, Citizen Participation







Marieke Hartman


Affiliation: AMC-UvA, department of Public Health

Expertise: Social and cultural determinants of weight-related behaviours; evaluation studies; mixed methods; program adaptation (incl. cultural targeting)







Mahwish Hayee


Affiliation: University of East London







Linde Hecke


Affiliation: Ghent University

Expertise: Adolescents, physical activity, public open spaces







 Gregory Heath


Affiliation: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, TN

Expertise: Physical activity epidemiology; community-based PA promotion; provider-based PA assessment and counseling for PA







Melanie Hood


Affiliation: Sudbury & District Health Unit

Expertise: Physical Activity and Active Transportation








Marijke Jansen


Affiliation: Human Geography and Planning, Universiteit Utrecht 

Expertise: Physical activity; physical environment; gps; accelerometer 







Johan de Jong


Affiliation: Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen







James Janssen


Affiliation: University of North Carolina at Greensboro







Leida Janssen


Affiliation: University of applied sciences Viaa Zwolle / University of Humanistic  studies Utrecht

Expertise: Lifestyle changing and the role of spirituality








Anton Kunst


Affiliation Dept. of Public Health, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam







Carlijn Kamphuis


Affiliation Dept. of Human Geography and Spatial Planning,  Utrecht University

Expertise: Health-behaviours; physical and social environment; socioeconomic inequalities in health;







Han Kemper


Affiliation: EMGO+ institute

Expertise: Health and physical activity,Pediatric Exercise,epidemiology







José Koevoets


Affiliation: VUmc University Medical Center

Expertise: Project management, research infrastructure (i.a. biobanking), costing, quality control








Laura Keaver


Affiliation: Ulster university

Expertise: Nutrition, physical activity, obesity, non-commuicable diseases 








Mikko Karmeniemi


Affiliation University of Oulu, Oulu Deaconess Institute

Expertise Physical activity








Thomas Kubiak


Affiliation: Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz








Moniek Langhout


Affiliation VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam







Anne Loyen


Affiliation VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam

Expertise: Physical activity, sedentary behaviour, adults, Europe, Epidemiology, Public Health







Adam Loveday


Affiliation Loughborough University

Expertise: Built environment, indoor location, physical activity and sedentary behaviour







Chantal Lalonde-Beaudette

Affiliation Eastern Ontario Health Unit

Expertise: Physical activity; health promotion; community development; advocacy







Gary Liguori


Affiliation University of Tennessee Chattanooga

Expertise: Sedentary behavior







Ida Laudanska-Krzeminsk


Affiliation: Poznań University of Physical Education, Poland

Expertise: Physical activity, health behaviour, health related quality of life, psychosocial determinants of health







Karen Lamb


Affiliation: Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research, Deakin University, Australia

Expertise: Statistics, Built environment, Nutrition







Lars Jørun Langøien


Affiliation: Norwegian school of sport sciences







Maria Alvim Leite


Affiliation: Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Expertise: Food Environment; Food processing; Obesity Prevention







Maxim Lagerweij


Affiliation: Dentist researcher at ACTA VU/UvA

Expertise: caries, diet, oral hygiene







Paolo Lauriola


Affiliation: Regional Agency on prevention, environment and energy - Arpae

Expertise: Public health Environmental Epidemiology hygiene







Martin Lamb


Affiliation: Sheffield Hallam University

Expertise: Workplace Sedentary Behaviour







Lucie Levesque


Affiliation: School of Kinesiology and Health Studies Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

Expertise: Physical activity; Indigenous; implementation science; ethics; community-engaged research







Layla Ledahl


Affiliation: Alberta Health Services

Expertise: Registered Dietitian