Anja Mizdrak


Affiliation University of Oxford, Nuffield Department of Population Health

Expertise:  Health-related food taxes and subsidies, supermarkets







David Menzies


Affiliation Fitness Australia







Freya Macmillan


Affiliation Western Sydney University

Expertise: Diabetes and physical activity and community interventions







Kate Milne


Affiliation Cardea Health Consulting, Douglas College

Expertise: Sedentary behaviour reduction in older adults







Marcus Maringer


Affiliation Wageningen University

Expertise:  Social psychology, human nutrition, software engineering







Marie Murphy


Affiliation: Ulster University

Expertise: Physical activity, sedentary behaviour, interventions, adults, children, cancer, type 2 diabetes, biological mechanisms







Mario Mazzocchi


Affiliation: University of Bologna

Expertise: Economics, Health Economics, Consumer Behaviour, Statistics, Policy Evaluation







Sarah Moss


Affiliation: Physical activity, Sport and Recreation Research Focus Area, North-West University, South Africa

ExpertisePhysical activity, risk factors for non-communicable disease







Sarah Maduro


Affiliation MoD

Expertise:  Positive health, functional health, mental health, nursing, military healthcare and readiness







Steven Melly


Affiliation: Dornsife School of Public Health Drexel University

Expertise: GIS







Calum Mattocks


Affiliation: University of Cambridge







Ivon Milder


Affiliation: National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Expertise: Obesity, food environment







Antoine Meijerman


Affiliation: GGD Haaglanden








Andrew Mccloskey


Affiliation: Alberta Health Services

Expertise: Physical activity, sedentary behaviour, determinants of health, built environment







Suvi Määttä


Affiliation: Samfundet Folkhälsan/Folkhälsan Research Centre







Karen McDonnell


Affiliation: University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina, USA

Expertise: Lung cancer, lifestyle behaviors, self-management








Joanne McVeigh


Affiliation: Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Expertise: Sedentary behaviour, physical activity measurement and health outcomes







Lana Meiqari


Affiliation: VU Amsterdam









Elly Mertens


Affiliation: Wageningen University







Famke Mölenberg


Affiliation: Wageningen University, Division of Human Nutrition









Maria Moore


Affiliation: Henry Ford Hospital, Preventive Cardiology

Expertise: Registered Nurse, focus on disease prevention







Jeff Moreno


Affiliation: Move2Thrive


Expertise: Physical Therapy








Jorge Mota


Affiliation: CIAFEL-FADEUP

Expertise: exercise, obesity, enviroment







Irina Motoc


Affiliation: Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics - Longitudinal Aging Study of Amsterdam









Maria Mourão-Carvalhal

Sport Sciences, Health and Human Development, University Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

Expertise: Obesty, Physical Activity







Theo Mutesa


Affiliation: Vrije Universiteit










Bernadette Nakabazzi


Affiliation: Makerere University, Kampala-Uganda

Expertise: Built environment in relation to children's physical activity







John Nartey


Affiliation: Active Living and Wellness Alliance Group, Ghana

Expertise: Physical Activity, Advocate, Research and Surveillance










Mary Nicolaou


Affiliation: Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam







Giel Nijpels


Affiliation: VU University Medical Center Amsterdam







Femke van Nassau


Affiliation: VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

Expertise: Implementation research,  sedentary and physical activity behavior, qualitative research







Taniya Nagpal


Affiliation: Western University Canada

Expertise: Exercise, nutrition, behaviour change, adherence, pregnancy, obesity








Kwame Ofori


Affiliation: Ministry of Health Ghana

Expertise: Natural health







David Ogilvie


Affiliation: MRC Epidemiology Unit and UKCRC Centre for Diet and Activity Research (CEDAR), University of Cambridge

Expertise: Environment; evaluation; evidence synthesis; natural experimental studies; physical activity;  transport







Lisel O'Dwyer


Affiliation: Central Queensland University

Expertise: Animals, pets, exercise, public health, obesity, housing, volunteers, work, policy, ageing







Samuel Olawuwo


Affiliation: University of Jos

Facullty of Education

Dept of Special Education & Rehabilitation Science PMB 2084 Jos Plateau State Nigeria








Dana Olstad


Affiliation: Deakin University

Expertise: Nutrition, policy, food environments, dietary behaviours, equity, obesity







Dominic Olufunmilola


Affiliation: Department of Human Kinetics Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

Expertise: Exercise and Sport Science, Physical activity and Health/movement analysis







Marcella Omena Gehringer


Affiliation: N/A

Expertise: nutrition and chronic disease







Neville Owen


Affiliation: Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, and Swinburne University

Expertise: Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour, Environmental Determinants








Andreia Pizarro


Affiliation: CIAFEL - FADEUP






Dan Pardi


Affiliation: Dan's Plan - humanOS - Leiden University - Stanford University






Elise Pietersen


Affiliation: Saxenburgh-groep, neurology

Expertise: Cardiovasculair management






Karen Patte


Affiliation: Department of Health Sciences, Brock University 

Expertise: youth health, obesity, unhealthy weight-control behaviours, mental health, substance use







Maartje Poelman


Affiliation:  Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University

Expertise: Food environment; diet; food policy; health







Stephanie Prince


Affiliation:  University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Expertise: Physical activity, sedentary behaviours, heart disease, obesity, built environment, social environment, objective measurement







Angelika Ploeger


Affiliation:  Kassel University, Germany

Expertise: Food quality, Food culture, Sustainable nutrition







Trevor Payne


Affiliation:  Niel Asher Technique, certified manual therapist

Expertise: Biomechanics







Daniela Pereira Almeida


Affiliation:  Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil

Expertise: Phisical Activity, built environment, health







Derek Peters


Affiliation:  University of Worcester, UK

Expertise: Sedentary behaviour, childhood overweight







Christien Pieterse


Expertise: Physical activity, dietary behaviours, overweight







Snehal Pinto Pereira


Affiliation:  UCL Institute Of Child Health

Expertise: Physical activity; aging; birth cohorts







Matias Portela


Affiliation:  Health ministry of Chile

Expertise: Phisical Activity







Sarah Potthoff


Affiliation:  Chiropractor at Casey Health Institute 

Expertise: Pain and dysfunction







Don Peterson


Affiliation:  Private practise 

Expertise: Fitness, strength, kettlebells, resistance exercise








Lauren Quinn


Affiliation University of Birmingham

Expertise: Sedentary time








Femke Rutters


Affiliation VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam







Camila Rossi


Affiliation  Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil

Expertise: Nutrition, Epidemiology, Built environment







Clare Rafferty


Affiliation  Wellbeing Associates/University of Salford

Expertise: Sedentary behaviour







Eric Robitaille


Affiliation: Institut national de santé publique du Québec

Expertise: Built environment, nutrition, physical activity, food, GIS







Francesca Racioppi


Affiliation WHO Regional Office for Europe

Expertise: Environment and health, physical activity, cycling and walking







Harry Rutter


Affiliation: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Expertise: Complex systems, obesity, sustainability







Mani Ramakrishnan


Affiliation: School of Physiotherapy, University of Otago

Expertise: Chronic pain, sedentary behaviour, physical inactivity







Teun Remmers


Affiliation: Maastricht University

Expertise: Combined GPS and accelerometry in children







Wineke Remijnse


Affiliation: Dutch Association of Dietitians

Expertise: nutrition & dietetics







Sriyani Ranasinghe


Affiliation: Provincial Director of Health Services Office Sabaragamuwa, Ministry of Health Sri Lanka

Expertise: Physical activity, overweight and obesity







Bree Rooke


Affiliation:  Alberta Health Services

Expertise: Physical Activity, SDOH 







Markus Reichert


Affiliation: Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Heidelberg University; Mental mHealth Lab, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Department of Sport and Sport Science 

Expertise: ambulatory assessment, ecological momentary assessment, physical activity, mood







Carry Renders


Affiliation: Department of Health Sciences and Amsterdam  Public Health research institute, VU University Amsterdam

Expertise: Children and adolescents, integrated community based approach, physical and social environment







Rimante Ronto


Affiliation: Lecturer in Public Health. Australian Catholic University. Sydney, Australia

Expertise: dietary behaviours, food literacy, adolescents, food environments, public health, obesity prevention







Eva Roos


Affiliation: Folkhälsan Research Center, Helsinki, Finland

Expertise: Environment, lifestyle, eating behaviour, physical activity, children








 Jaap Seidell


Affiliation: VU University Amsterdam







 Karien Stronks


Affiliation: Dept. of Public Health, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam







 Alexia Sawyer


Affiliation: University College London

Expertise: Active living, health psychology, social psychology, deprived communities







 Amanda Seims


Affiliation: Leeds Beckett University

Expertise: Men's Health, physical activity, lifestyle, wellbeing







 Erwin Speklé


Affiliation: Arbo Unie Occupational Health Service 

Expertise: Ergonomics, sedentary work, MSD's







Femke Sijtsma


Affiliation: VU university Medical Center Amsterdam

Expertise: Nutritional epidemiology







 Helene Sinclair


Affiliation: Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research

Expertise: Healthy active living, obesity research, fitness, health







 Ingrid Steenhuis


Affiliation: VU University, Health Sciences, EMGO+

Expertise: Environment and eating behavior. Portion size. Pricing strategies. Weight loss. Relapse prevention.







Isabela Sattamini


Affiliation: São Paulo University

Expertise: Public Health Nutrition







Jasper Schipperijn


Affiliation: University of Southern Denmark







Kai Schulze


Affiliation: University of Cambridge, MRC Epidemiology Unit & Centre for Diet and Physical Activity Research (CEDAR)







Lee Smith


Affiliation: Anglia Ruskin University

Expertise: Physical activity, sedentary behaviour, Active Buildings, Epidemiology, correlates







Raphael Saldanha


Affiliation: Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF)

Expertise: Public health, GIS, spatial process







Rute Santos 


Affiliation: University of Porto, Portugal / University of Wollongong, Australia

Expertise: Physical activity, sedentary time, environment







Wolfgang Schlicht


Affiliation: University of Stuttgart; Chair Exercise and Health Sciences

Expertise: socio-ecology, environmental psychology, environmental gerontology, physical activity







Jemima Stockton


Affiliation: University College London







Merlijn Snijders


Affiliation: Lekker Fit! Rotterdam Master Sport- en Beweeginnovatie

Expertise: Health, Physical activity, Exercise, Sedentary behavior, Nutrition








Maria Paula  Santos

Affiliation: University of Porto, Portugal / University of Wollongong, Australia








Douglas Santos


Affiliation: State University of Bahia, Brazil

Expertise: Sedentery Behavior; Physical Activity; Elderly







John Schneider


Affiliation: ActiGraph

Expertise: R&D







Matthew Schrager


Affiliation: Stetson University (DeLand, Florida); National Institute on Aging (Baltimore, Maryland), USA

Expertise: Aging, physical inactivity, functional mobility








Roya Shokoohi

Affiliation: Hanze University of Applied Science, Groningen

Expertise: Active transportation, sustainable built environment, healthy life style and physical activity








Harriette Snoek


Affiliation: Wageningen Economic Research

Expertise: consumer behaviour, food choice, dietary behaviours, children, adolescents, parenting, sustainable food behaviour, food security







Donna Spruijt-Metz


Affiliation: University of Southern California

Expertise: Pediatric obesity, mHealth, digital and connected health.








Erik Timmermans


Affiliation VUmc University Medical Center Amsterdam







Gregg Trueman


Affiliation: Mount Royal University - Calgary Urban Project Society - Alex Health Centre

Expertise: Hospice Palliative Care; Chronic Pain; Primary Care







Julia Thurn


Affiliation: Exercise and Health Sciences, University of Stuttgart

Expertise: Behaviour change and maintenance, diabetes prevention, worksite health promotion







Lukar Thornton


Affiliation: Institute of Physical Activity and Nutrition Deakin University

Expertise: Food environments; neighbourhoods; GIS







Jaap Toet


Affiliation: Gemeente Utrecht, Volksgezondheid

Expertise: Gezonde Leefomgeving







Pedro Gullón Tosio


Affiliation: Escuela Nacional de Sanidad - ISCIII

Expertise: Built environment, physical activity







Pedro Teixeira


Affiliation: University of Lisbon

Expertise: Physical Activity, Obesity, Behavior Change, Motivation







Jurgen van Teeffelen


Affiliation: Maastricht University







Margaret Taylor


Affiliation: Town of Halton Hills

Expertise: Physical Activity








Maria Urtasun


Affiliation: Social and cardiovascular epidemiology research group. University of Alcala.

Expertise: environmental determinants of chronic diseases. Translating research findings to public health policies.








Stefanie Vandevijvere


Affiliation: UNI Auckland

Expertise: food environments, food policy, public engagement, monitoring







Anne Vuillemin


Affiliation: University of Lorraine

Expertise: PA surveillance, PA promotion, HEPA policies







Emely de Vet


Affiliation: Wageningen University

Expertise:Nudging, food environments, person-environment interaction, psychology







Jenny Veitch


Affiliation: Deakin University

Expertise: Physical activity, public open spaces, urban green spaces







Lisanne Verweij


Affiliation: Netherlands institute for health services research

Expertise: Quality of care, patient safety, lifestyle, health related chronic diseases







Saskia te Velde


Affiliation: Te Velde Research & Consultancy

Expertise: Physical activity, mobile technology, behaviour change, epidemiology







Tania Villalobos


Affiliation: Universidade Complutense de Madrid

Expertise: Sedentary behaviour







Hanneke Verbree


Affiliation Researcher, lecturer School of Sports studies

Expertise: activity-friendly neighbourhood, (social) environment, social cohesion







Stan van Eck


Affiliation: Happy Weight








Hannah Verhoeven


Affiliation: Ghent University

Expertise: active transport







Kristel Vlot-van Anrooij


Affiliation: Radboud university medical center, Department of Primary and Community Care.

Expertise: Supportive environments for health, Health promotion for people with intellectual disabilities, environmental assessment tools







Hanneke Verbree


Affiliation Researcher, lecturer School of Sports studies

Expertise: activity-friendly neighbourhood, (social) environment, social cohesion








 Wilma Waterlander


Affiliation National Institute for Health Innovation, University of Auckland, New Zealand







Malcolm Ward


Affiliation Public Health Wales

Expertise: Physical Activity, Health Promotion







Tracy Washington


Affiliation Queensland University of Technology

Expertise: Built Environment and Health, PA Promotion, Parks and PA







Viktoria Wahlstrom


Affiliation Umeå University, Work- and Environmental Medicine

Expertise: Sedentary Behavior, Physical Activity, Office design







 Miriam Weber


Affiliation gemeente Utrecht; Open University the Netherlands







Zhu Wen


Affiliation: Department of Preventive Medicine, Medicine College, Ningbo University

Expertise: Built environment, physical activity







Wanda Wendel-Vos


Affiliation National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)

Expertise: physical activity, determinants, monitoring, public health







Emma Wilkins


Affiliation: Leeds Beckett University and University of Leeds (visiting researcher)

Expertise: The retail food environment







 Amanda Wilson


Affiliation: Active Living Research, University of California, San Diego, USA

Expertise: Parks and Recreation, Physical Activity, Built Environment 







Katharina Wirth


Affiliation: Agaplesion Bethesda Hospital Ulm

Expertise: Physical activity in older adults, sedentary behaviour








Frederick Zimmerman


Affiliation University of California - UCLA

Expertise: Social and economic contexts, health outcomes

Belen Zapata Diomedi


Affiliation: School of Public Health, University of Queensland

Expertise: Health modelling, physical activity, built environment, air pollution, road injuries